LED Luce

LED Luce is a new, stylish emergency light fixture with efficient specially designed for good light pattern.

The luminaire is designed for recessed ceiling mounting in corridors or rooms with similar open floor surfaces.

It is offered with types for all operating options for emergency lighting.

The luminaire is made up of two parts: die of cast aluminum with a heat sink and a cover in white polycarbonate with optical lens.

In addition, an electronics box in varnished white steel plate (IP20) is available with or without battery. Backup time can be set from 1 h – 3 h running with dip-switch.

Technical data

Material: Pulverlackared stål och vit plast

Färg temp [K]: 3000 K

Energiförbrukning [W]: 2,5 W

Armaturlumen: 182 lm

Anslutning: Fast

Drivdon: Separat drivdonbox ingår

Nominell spänning: 230/240 V, 50 Hz

Skyddsklass: IP 42. CE Godkänd

LED Luce pdf