fixPOiNT™ 100-80


With 4 million m2 delivered worldwide, surpassing FixPoint 100-80 other similar systems in terms of:

• Precision and quality
• Warranty and Safety
• Life and lasting value
• Efficient assembly
• Installation of cabling
• Positioning of lighting
• Accessories for display


Fast, safe and environmentally friendly

Caleidoscope is unique in the industry with the patented assembly technology that simplifies and shortens the installation time considerably, compared to other systems on the market.

The system can also be packed 30% more efficient, and reduces thus transport volumes. This in turn helps to reduce CO2 levels during transport.

The smart plastconnectorn also acts as a cable cover in the ceiling profile.

fixpoint_connectWhen choosing to invest in a functional ceiling system to your store you will make an investment that will last for many years. Possible to be adapted and rebuilt for future additional needs. Below we have compiled the five main points to consider when designing their store with a performance ceiling.

Use lighting fittings in the ceiling properly

By selecting different combinations of lighting fixtures, you can range simple general light planning to advanced lighting applications in your store. We will help you design your optimal store with the right light in the right place! More information about Caleidoscopes lighting program can be found at the following link. Read More >>

Use Caleidoscope csNET Power System in the grid

A convenient and economical way to distribute power for your lighting installation is the use of Caleidoscope csNET power system. You save time and money and get a system that can be expanded and modified for future needs / installations. Available both as UK and EU socket version. Read More >>


Effective boosts your sales with display accessories

Many of our customers store chains have increased their sales significantly by utilizing the possibility of placing signs and messages in smart suspension system attached to the ceiling system. Read More >>

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