We are “One Supplier”, a full-service provider of lighting, ceilings, electricity and energy optimization who supply and install Smart CEILING-solutions with our own brands in lighting and electrical systems.

One Supplier

We are “One Supplier” who manufacture functional ceilings, luminaires and electrical systems for all interior segments. In cooperation with us, the customer will experience a unique sense of security throughout the entire project.


  • Manufacturer of functional ceilings system
  • Planning, development and concept design
  • Customized ceilings solutions
  • Assembly


  • Design and manufacture of luminiares
  • Planning and lighting design
  • Delivery and assembly
  • Light adjusting and training

Power System

  • Manufacturer of csNET™ electrical systems
  • Supplier of 3-phase spotlight rails
  • Clear contract boundaries in the projects
  • Control and commissoning
  • Install