Smart CEILINGS with lighting and electrical system

Caleidoscope Systems AB is a company with nearly 40 years of experience as a supplier and installer to both national and international customers.

We manufacture high-quality products in the field of lighting, suspended ceilings and electrical systems. Together with our customers, we coordinate and run projects within various types of business chains, real estate and construction companies.

Our committed team of salespeople, project managers and gives you as a customer security and closeness to the process.

We constantly challenge ourselves and dare to say that you will not find a more cost-effective “One Supplier” solution on the market.

We are ready to be a part of your next project and hope for your trust to do it together!


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Spotlight with system flux > 120 lm / watt! 

Caleidoscope is now launching the more efficient LED technology into our spotlights. First up will be our new tracklights, plainLED G5 which go from 32 W to 23 W with a luminous flux of nearly 3000 lumens.
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eSAVE creates security for future energy costs

Caleidoscope has designed a ground-breaking energy efficiency system that revolutionizes how small and large stores manage their energy consumption. With eSAVE you take control of your energy consumption in a smart and affordable way. Our innovative technology offers you as a customer outstanding flexibility and opportunities to save energy at minimal installation costs. 

Take the step towards a greener and more economical future with eSAVE from Caleidoscope!

smartLED™ Edge spotlight system

The smartLED™ spotlight system is a multifunctional magnetic system that can be equipped with a wide range of application accessories to function as both a spotlight and a downlight. First up is our “Edge” model. A version designed to be attached directly to the sides of the functional ceiling.  Read more about edge.







csNET – Electrification has never been easier

Caleidoscope manufacture a modulare power system for all types of suspended ceiling installations where you want a fast and reliable electrical system for supplying your lighting system. Read more about csNET electrical system.