One Supplier of lighting, ceiling and electrical systems

Caleidoscope Systems AB is a company with more than 30 years of experience as a supplier and installer to both national and international customers.

We manufacture high-quality products in the field of lighting, suspended ceilings and electrical systems. Together with our customers, we coordinate and run projects within various types of business chains, real estate and construction companies.

Our committed team of salespeople, project managers and gives you as a customer security and closeness to the process.

We constantly challenge ourselves and dare to say that you will not find a more cost-effective “One Supplier” solution on the market.

We are ready to be a part of your next project and hope for your trust to do it together!


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Account Manager / Salesperson for Caleidoscope

Are you passionate about sales, doing business and creating long-term relationships? Are you a team player and thrive in a role with many contacts? Then Caleidoscope, a company characterized by drive, responsiveness and family feeling, can offer you a central role in further developing sales. We are looking for you who want to be part of Caleidoscope’s journey forward!

For more information about the position read Account Manager / Salesperson to Caleidoscope (

Product launch – eSAVE creates security for future energy costs

In the fall of 2023, Caleidoscope will launch a completely new unique energy saving system built to give both small and large stores the opportunity to take control of their energy and reduce their consumption in a simple and very cost-effective way. With eSAVE, you as a customer get great flexibility and the opportunity to save energy at a low installation cost.

smartLED™ Edge spotlightsystem

Caleidoscope introduces a new spotlight system smartLED™. The spotlight is a multifunctional magnetic system that can be equipped with a wide range of application accessories to function as both a spotlight and a downlight. First up is our “Edge” model. A version designed to be attached directly to the sides of the functional ceiling. More variants will be launched in 2023.  Read more about edge.







Beijer Bygg establishes new Shop in Shop concept for work clothes and safety equipment

Caleidoscope was commissioned to develop a new lighting concept for Beijer Bygg’s new shop in shop concept, “Safe Jobs”. A graphic and high-profile concept developed and designed by Scandinavian Retail Centers i Sweden. Experience the concept and watch the film from the store.

MIO – Mall of Scandinavia

MIO continues to build city stores in popular shopping centers. The store in the Mall of Scandinavia offers an experience out of the ordinary with light, sound and scent that creates a strong desire to buy. Dimmable light color on spotlights in special areas means that customers can also experience textiles and products from the feeling of warm cozy evenings at home to bright days with daylight.


Cloetta Brand Store

Cloetta’s new Brand store is located in Malmö City on Södra Förstadsgatan. Kaleidoscope was tasked with creating something that has not been done before, something that stands out and is unlike anything else on the market. A completely unique solution where the ceiling’s delicious 3D curves take place together with well-balanced LED spotlights that follow the strong graphic profile Cloetta has created in its new store. Watch the video from the store.


The world’s most user-friendly spotlight for function and system false ceilings?

Ask our customers and you will get the answer. With our unique patented magnetic spotlight, we give you a completely new dimension in terms of quick and easy lighting in stores. It has never been easier and more efficient to light a shop with functional suspended ceilings. You keep your store active by placing the right light in the right place. Maximize sales and make it easier for your customers to find the right product with the light always in the right place.
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csNET – Electrification has never been easier

World premiere of a new quick-connect system for all types of suspended ceiling installations where you want a fast and reliable electrical system for supplying your lighting system. Read more about csNET electrical system.

ÖoB builds stores with a new lighting concept

Caleidoscope was commissioned to develop a new lighting concept for the ÖoB Group’s stores.
Customers are greeted by a fresh and crisp light from a combination of spotlight and general light with a color temperature of 3500 K. Watch the video from their store in Kalmar.

Junic Arena – Padel hall

Caleidoscope does not only work with store concepts! Junica Arena in Gislaved needed good lighting for their new padel hall. With asymmetrical LED lens technology, we created a lighting solution that provides a good and pleasant light without dazzling the players.

Leadpoint – The office of the future

Use the prioGRID suspended ceiling system as a hybrid between suspended ceilings, lighting, electricity and acoustic comfort. The perfect platform for office environments.

With our energy-efficient lighting and acoustic baffles made from recycled PET fiber, you get a product that is right in time with reduced energy use in the manufacturing process.


Loud of Sweden sound systems for stores

Kaleidoscope is a proud dealer and partner with the Swedish sound system manufacturer Loud of Sweden. A brand with market-leading solutions especially for retail environments. When you buy Loud of Sweden products from us, we always install the system when we mount our false ceilings and/or rail systems. Read more about our systems.

ICA Maxi Uppsala is upgrading to the latest generation LED