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capellaLED Micro

Did you know that we now have mini-spotlights with smart quick connectors for easy installation in interior details, shop window profiles, ceilings and more. Can be connected in to a systems with up to 4 spotlights per drive unit. Read more about product.

From idea and drawing to production and project establishment


As a “One Supplier” supplier, we offer our customers unique total solutions of ceiling, lighting and power supply system. With a passion for ceiling and light in environments, we can, in combination with our unique range, offer solutions that can strengthen your brand or create a unique expression in the interior environment.

tracky™ – think outside the tracks!

Magnetic spotlight adapter for mounting the 3-phase universal adapter fitted spotlights to ceilings. Mounting is very easy done directly on the profile edge using the four strong neodymium magnets with permanent traction. Check out more.

csNET™ – New ready to fix and ready to connect cable system

World premiere of a new plug’n play modular cable system for all types of ceiling installations where you want a fast and reliable electrical system for supplying power to your lighting system. 
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Case: Supermarket

Experience the store

Case: Cloetta Brand Store

Cloetta’s new Brand store is located in Malmö City on Södra Förstadsgatan, Sweden. Caleidoscope was commissioned to develop something that was not done before, something that stands out and is not like anything else on the market. A completely unique solution where the ceiling’s delicious 3D curves take place together with well-balanced LED spotlights that follow the strong graphic profile Cloetta has created in its new store.

Experience the store

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