plainLED G5 track

LED-spotlight with global adapter for installing in a 3-phase track system. Spotlight body made of aluminium casting.

Passive cooling of the LED-chip for optimal lifetime and reliability.
7-years warranty.

MIRO Silver reflector technology that creates a nice well-balanced light image with very high efficiency. Available with Lens optics as option.

Driver integrated into the 3-phase adapter.

Color: white, black or grey (other on request)

Technical data

Material: Powder coated castings

Color temp [K]: 3000 K B BBL, 3500 K or 4000 K

Energy consumption [W]: 23 W

Lumen: 2910 lm

Connection: Global adapter with built-in drive

Nominal voltage: 230/240 V, 50/60 Hz

Protection class: IP 20. CE Approved.

Warranty (LED + driver): 7-years